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This is set in early S5 Supernatural, before Team Free Will knows who the Trickster really is, but after Castiel has decided to look for God. Pre-Changing Channels.

Gen fic with appearances by Sam, Dean, Cas, Gabriel, and Bobby. Long! (Like, more than 9,500 words.) And with a lot of unrepentant cute due to the plot. (But there's angst, too. It's Winchesters, after all.) Now with fantastic art by [ profile] serenada_art ! 

Story back here ... )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC17
Words: 2400ish
Summary: "It turns out that Castiel grasps the basic mechanics of sex just fine." 
Disclaimers: All made up. Don't sue.

Spoilers through "Criss Angel Is a Douchebag," vaguely. Title from Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 a.m.)".

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Here's what I got.

Writing a letter to the editor
using a lint roller to get pet fur off your clothes
Buying fruit at a market
missed phone call
the customer is always rude: dealing with tourists
Waiting for furniture delivery
Remembering to turn on the radios in the morning.
Cleaning the toilet
drinking a hot beverage on a cold day
Eating at Applebee's
Allergies acting up
Searching for enough loose change to buy a soda/latte/etc.
Feeling uneasy or awkward expressing yourself in a second language.
talking on the phone to a sibling
first day wearing new perfume
Plucking and/or gutting chickens.
Argument with a sibling
-not wearing shoes in the house
-playing mahjong
wrong bus/bus stop
Walking to the ice cream shop with a friend
Taking off makeup or nail polish
Going to the bank

Any help with ideas for the squares or characters for particular prompts is very welcome.
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I want to make more playlists, because I get bored after a while with the ones I have. (I should shuffle them more often.) 

Here's what I have: 

colors, The Rainbow Connection
girls' names, Girls Girls Girls
body parts, Anatomy 101
jobs, It's Not Just An Adventure
crime, Life of Crime
family, All in the Family
weather, Cloudy With a Chance
covers, Cover Me
food and drink, Feed Me
feelings, I Second That Emotion
locations, The Places You'll Go
sexy sex, Touch Me
animals, Beastly
indie girl singers, Estrogen Party
pop girls singers, PopTarts
danceable, Dancing Shoes
instrumental, Just the Notes
Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
my personal happy mix

My usual criteria is that the song title is what determines fitness for a list. So the horrible 70s song "Shannon" may be about a dog, but since there's no animal word in the title, it doesn't go on the animals list. Capiche? 

Any suggestions for new themes? 


Jun. 29th, 2010 07:17 pm
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I want to see if this crossposting thing works or what.
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Writing is going very well today! Better than expected. So there's deadline panic, as always, but I'm happy with what's on the page.

Today, anyway.
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Thanks for the tattoo thoughts, people! I went today, and here's the result. It's more color than I expected and a bit more old school, too, but I really love it. I also love the artist, because man did he dig his heels in on what would look good and what wouldn't when I argued. Really good guy.

The moon and three yellow stars were the existing ink.

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you know, as you do, and I had an idea for a book. About a teenage girl and her dead boyfriend, to be precise. And also about the things we do in the name of love, and the things we're capable of, good and bad, even when we're still figuring out who we are. 

And as of today, HarperTeen bought it! With a second book to follow! I'm still a little shaky, and mostly convinced that I was at some point doing the good drugs and hallucinated the whole thing, but others assure me that it's true.

The tentative plan is that the first book will probably be released in hardcover in fall 2011. Meanwhile, I have to finish writing it. I should probably get started on that.

Also on ordering flowers (or, like, A PONY) for my awesome agent, and for my brand-new editor.
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I haven't been reading as much as I wanted to, between a lot of freelance work and college applications (and Bella! the new addition to the family, who is only named Bella because I vetoed Fluffy -- see below for a picture). But we have been watching a lot of horror, some of it good and some of it ... not.

Caught The Broken on SciFi (I refuse to use their new ridiculous logo/spelling), and was really pleasantly surprised. Lena Headey and Richard Jenkins are in it, which is a huge plus, and for a movie where not a hell of a lot happens, the sense of creeping dread and unease was palpable. Stylish, spare, and really scary.

The Changeling, on the other hand, really didn't live up to its hype. George C. Scott is always good, and the scenery and the house were gorgeous, but it felt dated, and the ghost story ended up not so much with the sense-making. Brief shivers early on and then eh.

Don't Look Now, which is supposed to be a classic, really, REALLY baffled me. Even more dated, and incredibly pretentious, and completely incomprehensible. Especially when we got to see as much of Donald Sutherland naked as we did Julie Christie, and the sex scene we sat through was epic (not in a good way) and reminiscent of amateur porn. Almost an hour in, nothing had happened that was remotely creepy. We turned it off.

I thought I was being too hard on it for about half a second, and then realized that there are plenty of older movies that hold up beautifully, including The Haunting (the original) and The Uninvited, so.

We're about to watch Penny Dreadful, too.

And now, Bella! 

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and learning the words to "All I Want For Christmas" as I type this. She's also very happy to sit and count her tooth fairy money. I swear I heard some muttering and cackling.

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Fans of Glee! Everyone who saw FOB on tour this summer! Good god, this almost killed me.
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I came to Neil Gaiman really late, not being a fantasy or comics reader. But I fell in love with Coraline, and so many people I know adore his work that I knew I needed to read The Graveyard Book.

The premise is something out of a nightmare—the mysterious “man Jack” kills an entire family, intending to end with the toddler in the upstairs bedroom. Instead, the child escapes, and makes his way to the graveyard’s gate, where a kindly “ghost” immediately takes the child in. As a mother, the image of this baby crawling up the hill, alone in the night, to a graveyard absolutely chilled me, but what happens there is the best possible outcome.

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The kids are back to school on Wednesday, which means, for us, summer is over. It's been a good one, too -- the weather only got stinky hot for a couple days here and there, and we got to do the Renaissance Faire, the State Fair, a lot of trips to the beach we love on Lake Ontario, a visit to my parents', and the pool in Oswego a few times, as well as one of the free summer movies and the summer reading program at the library for Sara. 

Even better, I think, for her was the fact that she got to have summer the way I remember it, thanks to neighborhood kids. She'd get up, shove some breakfast in her face, and take off outside, usually with Fay next door. There were whole days where the two of them just bounced between houses and played in between, completely free, generally barefoot. She also learned to ride her bike, and she's a daredevil on it by now.

Ben didn't have friends around as often, but when he did, they'd sort of super-bond, and spend three days together, trading off nights at each other's houses. He spent more time than I like with the XBox, but he also wound up as a de facto playmate/supervisor for Sara and Fay, which he seems to enjoy.

The only thing we missed was a Sky Chiefs game, but every time we checked the schedule they were away. Maybe we can squeeze in one next weekend, if their season isn't over yet.

So. Onto school supplies and soon enough jeans, sweaters, and falling leaves.
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I read an excellent blog called Bookshelves of Doom, written by a Maine librarian who loves YA fiction (among other things). She posted a link to a reading challenge on another blog that initially began as a sci-fi site and has broadened its scope, and it's exactly right for this time of year! (Well, on purpose. Duh.) 

It's called the R.I.P. Challenge, aka Readers Imbibing Peril, and it's all about reading stories that haunt, terrify, and spook, tales that poke into the dark corners and wake the ghosts and explore the unknown. Which is what I do every year at this time anyway, leading up to Halloween! That's when I revisit Shirley Jackson  and some of my favorite Stephen King stories, and when I look for new horror novels (and also pull out my DVDs of The Haunting and other scary favorites).

As the challenge states, the goals are pretty simple: 

1) Have fun reading.
2) Share that fun with others.

Simple, right? 

It's running now through October 31st, and started September 1st (actually a day or two before that, I think), but it's early days! If you want to pick some books about things that go bump in the night (and they don't have to be YA, to be clear), you can simply read them and enjoy them, or you can sign up and post reviews, as well.

Which is what I'm planning to do! So far I'm planning on:

The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman
The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton
Magic For Beginners, Kelly Link
Valiant, Holly Black

But I may try to pick up a few more! Check out the link above -- there are actually different ways to tackle this, if you want to be more organized about it.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]There was babysitting, of course, early on, probably true of a lot of girls. (It still amazes me that my parents' friends hired me, at TWELVE, to babysit for their three-year-old and THREE-MONTH-OLD while they went one evening. I didn't have any trouble, and my mom was home, just three blocks away, the whole time, but TWELVE? Seriously? )

Aside from that, my first job was working at the local mall. Not in a store -- I was thirteen. My best friend's mom worked in the mall management office, so every once in a while she hired Mary and I to work the information desk, which was such Serious Business for us when we got to do it, oh my god. I clearly remember dressing up (which would have meant ... a church dress, I guess? ... complete with heels) and sitting very soberly, prepared to answer the questions of any and all comers about the location of the food court and/or which way Burdine's was.

Once, we also got to dress up like farm girls (braids! straw hats! overalls!) and walk around with baskets, distributing some kind of promo flyers for a coming event, and the huge excitement about that night was the shoplifters we helped catch. They had actually stolen art from one of the frame/print places (artwork! it was almost like a real heist! although the prints were probably of beach chairs in the sand) and we were given walkies and told to watch and report in on their movements while the security guards prepared to, I don't know, take them down or something. Funny that the most memorable part of this was feeling all superspy FBI with my walkie, and pretending not to be following them as I walked around in my straw hat. Jesus, I was young.

We actually got paid for these gigs, but I don't remember how much, and I'm sure it was pretty paltry. The biggest draw, aside from feeling very important and grownup when we were working the information desk, was the two security guards we had crushes on. Thankfully, we each had our own -- mine was Eric, thin and dark-haired and sort of wry, and Mary's was Seth, big and blonde and gruff. They were, as I think about it now, probably no more than 19 or 20, but they seemed terribly adult to us.

Of course, looking back now, I also understand that Eric had a raging crush on Mary's mom, who was divorced and blonde and very, very pretty. Sigh.
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In an effort to improve my mood, I want to make a playlist of excellent songs to crank in the car, up to eleven, windows down.

So far, I have:

"Crazy," Seal
"Feeling That Way," Journey
"Highway to Hell," AC/DC

... and that's about it. Thoughts? Suggestions? What do you crank in the car?
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I'm a Mets fan. Always have been, always will be. It's not always easy, god knows, and this year's been hard on the guys -- the disabled list nearly reads like the roster itself. Fingers crossed that after the All-Star break we'll have every back and healthy and not acting like such delicate frigging flowers.


Here are some purely aesthetic reasons to love the Mets. No discussion of talent here, although all these guys have got it. Pure hotness. I am a SUCKER for a man in a baseball uniform, I have to say.

Here's a preview. And one of the prettiest men ANYWHERE, and legitimately injured to boot -- poor baby had surgery and is now recovering. We love you, Carlos! Come back! 

More lovely, lovely men back here ... )

Ah, baseball. I love you so.


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