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Fox is reairing Fringe tonight. I watched on Thursday and am head over heels in love.

Thing the first: Joshua Jackson, all grown up. YUM. Gorgeous, bearded, playing a snarky genius who never realized his potential and is only participating under duress.

Thing the second: Total X-Files vibe from this show -- fringe science (well, duh), but smart dialogue, great tension, and a dark, quirky sense of humor.

Thing the third: Anna Torv, a newcomer who plays FBI agent Olivia Dunham, could be Poppy Montgomery's sister. I really like her so far.

Thing the fourth: Denethor! I mean, John Noble! Playing a completely out-there scientist who's been in a mental institution for the last seventeen years. AWESOME.

More things!: Cows! Sexual tension! Mind-altering drugs! Spongebob references!  BLAIR BROWN! Which I can't believe I forgot to mention until now.

I will admit to this reservation. )
Watch with me! I believe the regular slot is Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST after House, which doesn't suck, you know? 


Oct. 6th, 2007 04:42 pm
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For all the good TV out there right now (and I'm thinking Friday Night Lights, which blew me away last night, despite some possibly over-the-top-ness), I am incredibly susceptible to cheese.

What's cheese, you say? Well, there's cheddar and mozzarella and Monterey Jack and Camembert and brie and fontina and parmesan and gorgonzola, and come on, people, all behold the power of, and all that. Seriously.

But I mean, Cheese TV. Such as (prepare yourself) The Blue Lagoon. Which, okay, was a movie first, but I'm counting as TV anything I can flick around the channels and find on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Which I did, today. Just in time to see those innocent kids discover the joy of kissing, and wind up pregnant in record time. I must have seen this movie a hundred times when I was too young to know better, but did it stop me from watching it today? Nope. Oh my god, it's bad. And so SO good.

I've moved on to the big dance finale of Center Stage, which counts as cheese if only because of Peter Gallagher playing a bitchy choreographer. Dance movies! So often cheese, and so delicious.

I'll need to tune in to something on PBS later, won't I?
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I'm sick. Like, really really Sick, with a capital S. Sinuses, chest, head, throat -- blech. I got out of bed only to go to the bathroom yesterday, and it's looking like the thing to do today, too.

And my TV is not cooperating with my pathetic need to be entertained. I'm too tired and have too much of a headache to actually do anything serious, like decide on a DVD to pop in. I was counting on the TV gods to supply decent movies, or possibly one of those serendipitous marathons of a show I need to catch up on (SciFi did this with Heroes a few weeks ago). Yesterday I caught Saved! from the beginning, which was great, since I hadn't seen it before, and later I watched parts of Shrek and the horrible Die Another Day, which is saved only by the presence of occasionally shirtless Pierce Brosnan.

But not today! TNT is apparently falling back on its gigantic library of Law and Order episodes. No offense to fans of the show, but if I never see another episode of any of the many incarnations of this series it will be too soon. SciFi is running Red Dragon, which was disappointing the first time around -- I actually like Ed Norton when he's the crazy one, and Ralph Fiennes when he's not. And I missed Meet Me in St. Louis on TCM.

Feh. I'm too congested and achy to be expected to make my own viewing choices. So help me!

Should I watch:

* Gosford Park
* more episodes of Supernatural, Season 1
* Sin City
* something else?
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I am in an awful, awful mood today, and if I write about that, it will be a whinging, nasty, self-centered rant.

So instead I'm going to talk about House. )


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