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Fans of Glee! Everyone who saw FOB on tour this summer! Good god, this almost killed me.
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Pictures of Gerard Way and Lyndsey Ballato's daughter, Bandit. I'm assuming she didn't arrive complete with a kerchief and a tiny lasso, but I'd like to see, you know?

The new Panic at the Disco album. Stop surfing and going to movies and get to work recording, boys. Kthnxbai.

Nora Roberts' next trilogy. Especially if it's as good as the last one. 

A whole documentary SERIES about gay penguins raising chicks, because that's just made of awesome.

A giant bowl of fresh cherries. I could possibly swing that one later today, though.

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Five things that are true for me today:

1) I have not grown out of wanting to be Samantha Stevens.

2) Hair as short as mine is currently needs to be trimmed a LOT.

3) There is always something else to dust.

4) It's more fun to write this entry than do actual work.

5) There are a lot of words most people probably never need to know how to spell.

Tell me some things that are true for you today?
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Things I've learned today:

1) Glue apparently does not stick to styrofoam. Hmmm.

2) Elizabeth Taylor is Twittering? IDEK, okay?

3) I'm getting good at coloring my hair without making a mess. With Stephen's help, but still.

4) It's impossible for me *not* to watch 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s. Same goes for singing along with "Keep On Lovin' You".

5) My friends live too far away from me.
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Because I can't be assed to do anything productive yet this morning.

1) Ashton Kutcher -- strangely adorable or OMG NO?

2) When's the last time you got completely unexpected flowers?

3) What color polish is on your toenails right now?

4) What book are you reading right now?

5) If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?
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It's my old man's birthday. There are cupcakes, and there were nice birthday kisses. 

Sara was dancing to Hannah Montana for us, and stopped in the middle of her "routine". Ben announced, "We're apparently taking a short intermission." Sara WHIRLED on him, pointed finger and all, and said, "I'll send YOU to a mission!" Heh.

I have a dozen red and yellow tulips from the backyard in a vase on my dresser and they smell lovely.

I got tapped for a rush copyediting assignment today, which means a higher rate per hour -- always a plus.

Sara no longer wants to be read to -- she's reading her Dr. Seuss books on her own. I got treated to a full reading of Green Eggs and Ham yesterday.

The new Gaslight Anthem album makes me really, really happy. It's a perfect mix of old-school garage rock, bluesy guitar and vocals, some Springsteen vibes, and the occasional Counting Crows reference. LOVE.

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Just another day in the life of your average princess. (No school today, thanks to ice and snow.)

And yet, she did this all by herself, unasked.

"Your zombie killing doesn't scare me. I scoff. Scoff, I tell you. And no, I'm not moving my tail."

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Yesterday's thunderstorms blasted away the humidity, which is nice. It's cool tonight, although it is raining again. Despite that, I'm craving what my sister-in-law calls poor man's sangria -- cheap red wine poured over Fresca, with an orange slice. It's surprisingly tasty.

Sara has achieved nirvana. The little girl who moved in next door (and was in her pre-K class) appears to be around for the summer -- her mom is a schoolteachers, so. They ran back and forth between houses all afternoon and evening, and the favorite game became "fashion show," which involved them trying on each other's clothes. Unfortunately, I think a god deal of Sara's middle drawer got left at F.'s house, and will have to be retrieved. Of course, Sara's got quite a few of F.'s clothes here, too.

Winnie the Mutant Wonder Cat killed a mouse yesterday. Which is helpful, except for how she left in the living room for us to discover halfway through the day. Um, thanks. Nice job with the killing, since the mouse definitely looked worse for the wear.

Now for a meme! It's been a while.

* Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your flist has done.
* If anybody responds with "I've done that," add another thing.
* Encourage your friends to paste this into their own journals to list the unique things they've done.

1) Rode on the turkey in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, dressed as a pilgrim, at age eleven. With a sprained wrist, which made the whole constant waving thing a little painful.

2) Scalped tickets to a Dead show at Madison Square Garden the night before I was scheduled to be induced with Jake. Deadheads are very considerate of a big round belly, for the record.

3) Had dinner with David Smith, husband of Susan Smith, who drowned her two children in South Carolina in 1994. (The publisher I worked for had contracted a book from him.) It was ... surreal.
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Even though mine started out with two huge bruises on one leg. I need to remember not to be on my knees on a hardwood floor (taping baseboards for a friend, pre-painting, for those of you with filthy minds), and not to wrestle with Stephen, because sometimes he sits on me. Apparently, his hipbone can do a lot of damage to my calf.

Slept late, listened to a shitload of random music, did a few errands, and then took the kids to the Syracuse Skychiefs game (they're Toronto's AAA farm team). Alliance Bank Stadium is one of those perfectly sized minor league parks, and despite a drenching storm on the way there, by the time we parked the rain had stopped and the sun had come out again. Good game, especially the Chiefs' rally in the sixth inning, where they scored four runs to come back from a 7-1 deficit. Ben had his glove at the ready, and Sara was mightily impressed with the variety of way over-priced ballpark snacks.

Recent Saraisms, before I forget:

"I have a good expiration for why I'm so dirty."

"That one is cute!" (Approvingly, while pointing at a picture of Gerard Way. Sadly, Ray Toro's hair seems to dismay her.)

"I don't need socks. They hot my ankles."

Panic at the Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" is, according to Sara, "the wedding song" (due to the video, which she adores). Fall Out Boy's "Bang the Doldrums" is "the yo-ho-ho song." My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" is, well, "The Black Parade," and seems to be her new favorite. She can sing all the lyrics, which is a little disconcerting.

To top of the lovely day, the Foo Fighters (meaning Dave Grohl! With his beard and Jesus hair!) is on my TV right now, courtesy of the MSG channel. LOVE.
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Just one day, all to myself. With no work to do, and no husband or children about. Definitely no in-laws.

A rainy day would be nice. I could sleep a little late, make myself a good breakfast (french toast, probably, and a big pot of tea), and curl up in the comfortable chair with a book, the wedding ring quilt, and a couple of old movies. Dark Victory or Now, Voyager, and Rebecca. Maybe a chaser of Jane Eyre with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles. Or The Haunting.

There would be plenty of snacks -- popcorn, or tortilla chips with salsa/cheese dip, and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. There would cigarettes and an ashtray right next to the chair. There would be a little nap somewhere (or maybe a big one), and a solitary dinner while watching the last movie. Maybe those weird sauteed sea legs enchiladas with Newburg sauce that I love. And a big piece of bakery cake.

Someone (no idea who, but someone silent and efficient and unseen except when necessary) would bring the food, refresh the tea, serve up a cold diet Pepsi. I wouldn't move -- I wouldn't have to.

Which elf do I call about this?
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If you want one, shout.

I haven't even posted there yet, but I can be found here. I'll probably give it a go later.

In the meantime, I have found Snapple's Diet Plum-a-Granate Iced Tea and am in love. So. Good.

Also? OMG, I can't type. For someone who's supposed to write for a living, I live at Typo Central.


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