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and learning the words to "All I Want For Christmas" as I type this. She's also very happy to sit and count her tooth fairy money. I swear I heard some muttering and cackling.

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The kids are back to school on Wednesday, which means, for us, summer is over. It's been a good one, too -- the weather only got stinky hot for a couple days here and there, and we got to do the Renaissance Faire, the State Fair, a lot of trips to the beach we love on Lake Ontario, a visit to my parents', and the pool in Oswego a few times, as well as one of the free summer movies and the summer reading program at the library for Sara. 

Even better, I think, for her was the fact that she got to have summer the way I remember it, thanks to neighborhood kids. She'd get up, shove some breakfast in her face, and take off outside, usually with Fay next door. There were whole days where the two of them just bounced between houses and played in between, completely free, generally barefoot. She also learned to ride her bike, and she's a daredevil on it by now.

Ben didn't have friends around as often, but when he did, they'd sort of super-bond, and spend three days together, trading off nights at each other's houses. He spent more time than I like with the XBox, but he also wound up as a de facto playmate/supervisor for Sara and Fay, which he seems to enjoy.

The only thing we missed was a Sky Chiefs game, but every time we checked the schedule they were away. Maybe we can squeeze in one next weekend, if their season isn't over yet.

So. Onto school supplies and soon enough jeans, sweaters, and falling leaves.
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And ride it, too! 

She's one of those kids -- if she decides to do something, she'll pretty much do it until she figures it out, no matter how long it takes. And in this case, it didn't take long -- start to finish, it took maybe three hours for her to go from training wheels off to pushing off on her own and using the brakes without pitching over them.

If you go here, you'll get a taste of her glee.

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This picture is from last summer, but I don't have a more recent one where their heads are close enough together.

This picture is SO them, too, each of them.

First day of summer down, only ... god knows how many to go.
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Sara's class went to the zoo today, and I got to tag along as a chaperone. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, which I think stunned the creatures into a general mass coma, but much fun was had. 


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It's Ben's birthday! And he's twelve, which just seems unpossible. He's almost as tall as I am now, though, so I guess I should rethink that unpossible bit. (His feet are, I *think*, bigger than mine. Yikes.) 

As ever with Mr. Mellow, he's been pretty low-key about his day. S. made him a bacon-and-egg sandwich for breakfast, he took cupcakes to school, and has been feted with pizza (his request) and a double choclate cake (i.e. chocolate on chocolate). All he wanted was XBox games, since that was the big (well, only) Christmas gift, so that's what he got. He's happy as a clam. 

It's his standard mode of existence, still. Ben rolls with whatever comes along, rarely gets stressed, and is only (briefly) grumpy in the morning. He's still ridiculously devoted to Sara, still loves all the science stuff like Mythbusters and Discovery Channel, and is still loving music -- the stuff S. and I have introduced him to, and to his own finds. He's become quite the My Chemical Romance fanboy, too, and is fascinated by Gerard Way, which is adorable. (It helps that, um, I am, too.) 

Weird fact: Ben is the only student *in his school* whose birthday is today. Way statistically improbable, huh? 
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Halloween! I honestly can't remember the last time I had to work on Halloween. I think even without school-age kids (and thus a school Halloween parade to attend), I would take off just to watch horror movies all day.

I present to you Caesar (even though the package said Zeus, it is SO not Zeus without a lightning bolt and a flowing white beard) and a vampire princess.

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Even though mine started out with two huge bruises on one leg. I need to remember not to be on my knees on a hardwood floor (taping baseboards for a friend, pre-painting, for those of you with filthy minds), and not to wrestle with Stephen, because sometimes he sits on me. Apparently, his hipbone can do a lot of damage to my calf.

Slept late, listened to a shitload of random music, did a few errands, and then took the kids to the Syracuse Skychiefs game (they're Toronto's AAA farm team). Alliance Bank Stadium is one of those perfectly sized minor league parks, and despite a drenching storm on the way there, by the time we parked the rain had stopped and the sun had come out again. Good game, especially the Chiefs' rally in the sixth inning, where they scored four runs to come back from a 7-1 deficit. Ben had his glove at the ready, and Sara was mightily impressed with the variety of way over-priced ballpark snacks.

Recent Saraisms, before I forget:

"I have a good expiration for why I'm so dirty."

"That one is cute!" (Approvingly, while pointing at a picture of Gerard Way. Sadly, Ray Toro's hair seems to dismay her.)

"I don't need socks. They hot my ankles."

Panic at the Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" is, according to Sara, "the wedding song" (due to the video, which she adores). Fall Out Boy's "Bang the Doldrums" is "the yo-ho-ho song." My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" is, well, "The Black Parade," and seems to be her new favorite. She can sing all the lyrics, which is a little disconcerting.

To top of the lovely day, the Foo Fighters (meaning Dave Grohl! With his beard and Jesus hair!) is on my TV right now, courtesy of the MSG channel. LOVE.


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