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I haven't been reading as much as I wanted to, between a lot of freelance work and college applications (and Bella! the new addition to the family, who is only named Bella because I vetoed Fluffy -- see below for a picture). But we have been watching a lot of horror, some of it good and some of it ... not.

Caught The Broken on SciFi (I refuse to use their new ridiculous logo/spelling), and was really pleasantly surprised. Lena Headey and Richard Jenkins are in it, which is a huge plus, and for a movie where not a hell of a lot happens, the sense of creeping dread and unease was palpable. Stylish, spare, and really scary.

The Changeling, on the other hand, really didn't live up to its hype. George C. Scott is always good, and the scenery and the house were gorgeous, but it felt dated, and the ghost story ended up not so much with the sense-making. Brief shivers early on and then eh.

Don't Look Now, which is supposed to be a classic, really, REALLY baffled me. Even more dated, and incredibly pretentious, and completely incomprehensible. Especially when we got to see as much of Donald Sutherland naked as we did Julie Christie, and the sex scene we sat through was epic (not in a good way) and reminiscent of amateur porn. Almost an hour in, nothing had happened that was remotely creepy. We turned it off.

I thought I was being too hard on it for about half a second, and then realized that there are plenty of older movies that hold up beautifully, including The Haunting (the original) and The Uninvited, so.

We're about to watch Penny Dreadful, too.

And now, Bella! 


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