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The kids are back to school on Wednesday, which means, for us, summer is over. It's been a good one, too -- the weather only got stinky hot for a couple days here and there, and we got to do the Renaissance Faire, the State Fair, a lot of trips to the beach we love on Lake Ontario, a visit to my parents', and the pool in Oswego a few times, as well as one of the free summer movies and the summer reading program at the library for Sara. 

Even better, I think, for her was the fact that she got to have summer the way I remember it, thanks to neighborhood kids. She'd get up, shove some breakfast in her face, and take off outside, usually with Fay next door. There were whole days where the two of them just bounced between houses and played in between, completely free, generally barefoot. She also learned to ride her bike, and she's a daredevil on it by now.

Ben didn't have friends around as often, but when he did, they'd sort of super-bond, and spend three days together, trading off nights at each other's houses. He spent more time than I like with the XBox, but he also wound up as a de facto playmate/supervisor for Sara and Fay, which he seems to enjoy.

The only thing we missed was a Sky Chiefs game, but every time we checked the schedule they were away. Maybe we can squeeze in one next weekend, if their season isn't over yet.

So. Onto school supplies and soon enough jeans, sweaters, and falling leaves.
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